welcome...to my free modeled game!!!

note: this website is a visual representation of someone who is teaching themselves how to code using html entirely from scratch. this will look shitty for a while but i promise i have an end goal in mind of what i want this thing to look like

anyways whats good, im making this site so i can have something to do when im bored lol
my pinterest

some random things about me
im currently a college senior majoring in information systems, i'm taking a web development class so i can continue my skills in html & css
i have been into self care & wellness for a while, my main goal for now is to become more physically active
i like wwe (its lowkey the only thing i watch on tv now), playing btd6, and curating my many pinterest boards

This site was created at 10pm on 8/17/2021 :flushed:
8/19/2021: omg i finally fucking figured out how to add a background image LMAO told yalls asses im bad at coding
8/21/2021: omfg i FINALLY figured out how to add a fucking button AA
8/26/2021: finally figured out how to create idk, sections on my page ig took long enough. who wouldve thought a "." wouldve made all the difference
3/30/2022: fixed pinterest link cause i forgot to update it when i changed my user
2/28/2024: edited intro section to be less cringy